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  • I agree to maintain/follow the following code of conduct as a part of the expectations from me during all video/live interactions with K8 School and its members: That this classroom experience requires me to keep my device camera SWITCHED ON (live video) during the entire duration of the classroom experience and that I cannot exit the classroom experience before the classroom experience is finished and that I will have to book a new classroom experience if I need any further information, in case I exit before the classroom experience is finished. That all the information I have provided about myself is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and no facts have been misrepresented or declared wrongly. That in case of any misbehavior or inappropriate behavior of any sort on my part or any member on my side during the classroom experience, there could be a legal action initiated against me. That I will ensure that no kind of disturbance (including but not limited to loud music, audio, or video disturbances) at my end will be there and that I will be sitting at a well-lit and quiet place during the entire duration of the classroom experience. That any part of the interaction with K8 School shall not be recorded by me in any format whatsoever.That all classroom experiences may be recorded and all such recordings are the properties for K8 School and may be used by K8 School for purposes of training and research, etc without any further consent from me regarding this. That If the member of K8 School who’s a part of the interaction with me feels anything suspicious during the classroom experience, he/she has the right to cancel/stop the classroom experience at any point in time. That K8 School can take appropriate action (including legal action as well) against me in case of violation of any of the above or in case of similar violations at my end.

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