Surakshit Bharat, Sashakt Bharat is our scholarship program aimed at supporting learners and parents by providing access to safe and affordable schooling. We understand that lots of parents need special financial support to enroll their children in a world-class school, and more so during the current Covid-19 pandemic scenario.

Scholarship Test Registration Form

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By registering for this scholarship test, it is agreed by the person registering that:

  1. All details filled at the time of registration must be true to the best knowledge of the person submitting the registration form and no change in this regard will be entertained
  2. At any point in time, if any details provided at the time of registration or at any point in time at any stage of the process of enrolment, studies or later are found to be incorrect, misrepresented or false, K8 School has the right to cancel the candidature of the candidate (or said student) without any explanation and such decision regarding cancellation will be final
  3. That the scholarship test must be completed by the candidate (or said student) for whom the scholarship is being sought
  4. Registration Fee is completely non-refundable under any circumstances
  5. Each registration will generate a unique ‘scholarship test link’ which can be used only once
  6. K8 School is not responsible for any technical errors or failures under any circumstances
  7. In case the candidate (or said student) fails to appear for the test in the time frame mentioned for this test, K8 School will not be responsible
  8. All scholarships awarded will be for the candidate (or said student) upon (or at the time of) enrollment only and will be applicable if enrollment is confirmed in the prescribed time
  9. Scholarships will be awarded only to the candidate (or said student) who has appeared for the scholarship test and obtained the prescribed score and cleared the interview stage
  10. Any candidate (or said student) seeking scholarship must necessarily complete the scholarship test on their own and any unfair means, practices, assistance if accessed by the candidate (or said student) will lead to immediate cancelation of the eligibility to secure scholarship and in such circumstances, K8 School and its authorities will reserve the right to dismiss the candidate (or said student) from enrolling in K8 School or to cancel the enrolment of the candidate (or said student) if the candidate (or said student) is already enrolled
  11. No part of the scholarships can be transferred to other candidates or students and are meant for the specific candidate (or said student) to whom the scholarship is awarded
  12. No part of the scholarship is redeemable in cash
  13. This Registration is meant for appearing in the scholarship test ONLY
  14. Registration for the scholarship test does not constitute a promise or guarantee on part of K8 School to award scholarships to any candidate(s)
  15. The decision regarding the award of the final scholarships will be made by K8 School and its authorities and that such decision will be final and binding upon all
  16. All parents (and their children) and learners accessing the scholarship test, scholarship interview and any other platforms, content and portals of K8 School agree that they provide K8 School and its authorities the permission to use any of the images, videos or recordings etc. of all parents (and their children) and learners for marketing purposes and that such images, videos or recordings etc. will be the sole property of K8 School only and that the parents and their children will not legally or in any other way dispute the usage of such properties at present or at any time in future

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